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Each week MVDC publishes planning applications that have been submitted across the district. You may comment on planning applications on the Mole Valley District Council web site using the reference number to search by. 

ARA also comments, where appropriate on planning applications. Click on the buttons below to read the Letters of Representation submitted to MVDC.

If you would like to be advised of any Planning Applications near you, sign up to Mole Valley Alerts.  To receive email notifications of Planning Applications in the vicinity of your own property visit My Mole Valley and enter your postcode and click on your address.  On the next page click on "My Alerts" and register to receive planning notifications, which you can set at 50m, 100m or 500m from your address. This service also allows you to receive email notification on which bin is being collected.

UK-wide Planning Finder
Planningfinder is an online portal to planning applications across the United Kingdom, bringing together commercial and domestic planning applications from all.

Current Letters of Representation

ARA Guiding Principles

The Standing Committee’s guiding principles when considering planning applications are:

  • We review and comment only after a planning application appears on the MVDC running list.
  • We do not canvass residents’ opinions as this has the potential to involve us in disputes between neighbours.
  • We avoid placing ourselves in a position that requires conflict management or sets up an expectation that we will favour one resident's view against that of another. We leave those issues to the Case Officers and Councillors.
  • If residents have concerns they can raise them directly with us and we will take their views into account – but not necessarily follow their direction.
  • We comment solely on aspects covered by planning policy.

Built Up Areas Character Appraisal

Mole Valley District Council has conducted Built-Up Areas Character Appraisals for the five main built-up areas in Mole Valley: Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham, Dorking and Leatherhead. 

Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan

Ashtead’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Ashtead Neighbourhood Area contains policies about housing, economy, environment and infrastructure issues. It builds on existing planning policies in Mole Valley and addresses issues of particular concern in Ashtead.  The NDP does not propose any alterations to the Green Belt.

A referendum on the Ashtead NDP was held within the Ashtead Neighbourhood Area on 4 May 2017. In response to the question "Do you want Mole Valley District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Ashtead to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?", 92% of those voting voted "yes". 

The NDP was adopted by Mole Valley Council on 23 May 2017.  It forms part of the Development Plan for Mole Valley and its policies will be used when considering planning applications submitted in the Ashtead Neighbourhood Area. 

The Ashtead Neighbourhood Area covers the three District Council Wards of Ashtead Common, Ashtead Park and Ashtead Village.

Future Mole Valley Local Plan 2020-2037

Future Mole Valley is the name given to Mole Valley’s Local Plan 2020-2037 which will set out the Mole Valley District Council’s (MVDC) policies covering development in the District up until 2037.

The initial draft of the Plan went out to public consultation in February/March 2020 and MVDC received c.4,000 responses to it.   Click here to see that draft of the Plan.

​What Happens Next?

Following review and consideration of the responses received to the consultation, along with more detailed input from infrastructure providers, MVDC will be issuing its preferred Local Plan during the first half of 2021.  That version will also go out to public consultation (currently scheduled to begin in June 2021) but no further changes will be made to the Plan at that stage.

MVDC’s preferred Local Plan 2020-2037 will be submitted to the Planning Inspector for examination, along with all the consultation responses related to it. 
The examination process is not speedy and will also depend upon the level of questioning and suggestions that the Planning Inspector raises with MVDC. 
The final version of the Local Plan is anticipated to be adopted by the Council in late 2022.


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