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Transition Ashtead

   Transition Ashtead is a small group of local people who are committed to increasing awareness of sustainability through community involvement. We aim to promote different aspects of sustainability through writing articles in the Local Pages and inviting speakers on different topics. Last year we hosted discussions in the APMH on Sustainability in Business, Domestic Solar Generation and Storage and Wildflowering our local spaces. These were well attended and have increased interest in the village.

We are continuing to promote the Surrey-led Blue Hearts scheme and we are looking for Street Champions to claim verges as wildflower and insect refuges. We would welcome new volunteers to join our group. Watch this space as we are planning further events for 2023!

Autumn Mowing Schedule for Verges

The final mow in Ashtead (now done by SCC) is scheduled for the week ending Friday 13th October and the contractors are briefed to cut all verges and open spaces, so it is helpful to remove any blue hearts or other signs.  In order to foster meadow species, it is best to rake up the cuttings and remove them in order to keep soil fertility low. You may just be happy to encourage more pollinators in your garden and verge. Autumn is the best time to sow native seeds and plant native, spring bulbs. We now have a new stock of  beautiful Blue Hearts waiting to be decorated so more on these very soon!

Get in touch with us via this email

New 19/5/2023 - You can download the Ashtead version of the Surrey's Wildflowering Project spring newsletter of how to manage verges and gardens to increase biodiversity. See below.

To get in touch with us, visit our Facebook page at or email quoting "Transition Ashtead" in the heading.

Ashtead Blue Hearts


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