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Ashtead Residents' Association


Pavement and Verge Parking

Think Mobility Scooter or Child's Buggy

Parking on the pavement of verge seems to be becoming more prevalent and whilst drivers may think they are leaving the carriageway clearer for passing traffic it can obstruct pedestrians using the pavement. The Residents' Association has been asked to highlight this growing trend.

People using mobility scooters would be unable to pass the car above, and the one pictured below, and would have to bump down and then up the kerb which could be dangerous. Also a parent pushing a child's buggy, or having a second toddler in hand would need to step into the road to pass. Yes they could step on the grass, but why should they if it is wet and muddy. Think also of a twin buggy which is even wider.

To obstruct the pavement in this way is illegal and could be liable to a fine. Please be considerate when parking and stay on the highway and leave room on the pavement for pedestrians.

With regard to verge parking, if this causes damage, drivers could be liable to a fine from Surrey Highways.


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