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Ashtead Residents' Association


Banking Hubs - now a Consultation by the FCA. Residents are encouraged to respond.

New Banking Hubs for Leatherhead and Dorking?

It seems that the barrier that has been preventing banking hubs in towns where there is an active Nationwide Branch is about to be lifted. Press reports say that Nationwide will be withdrawing from the organisation that sets up banking hubs which will allow for towns that currently have a Nationwide branch to now have a banking hub and local towns Leatherhead and Dorking feature on the list of possible towns to benefit from this change of direction.

A banking hub in Haslemere has just been opened - in Jeremy Hunt's constituency, but there's no news on Leatherhead or Dorking yet.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is running an Access to Cash consultation until 8 February and we encourage residents to take part. The louder the voice the more likely a banking hub.


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