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Ashtead Residents' Association


Council offices closed - at 2.30pm!!

"No way to run a Council"

Ashtead Independents have highlighted the LibDem Council's decision to close their doors at 2.30 in the afternoon and allowing most staff to work from home three days a week.

If you telephone for help you'll be put through to the Customer Services Team who will pass messages to Officers leaving residents to wait for them to come back with a response perhaps several days later. Councillor Sevenoaks rightly says "This is no way to run a Council".

Councillor Sevenoaks has requested Council offices be open until 5pm each day and staff return to working in the Council Offices. This has been refused. The response from Council was for residents to contact the Council 'digitally' - something that people are finding increasingly frustrating in their day to day lives. "I just want to speak to a human!"

If you agree with Councillor Sevenoaks stance please let him know your feelings and email him on


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