Murreys Court Planning Applications submitted to Mole Valley Council - see Blog. Go to Planning to read the ARA's response.

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Murreys Court Planning Applications submitted

Google Maps view of Murreys Court

Google Maps view of Murreys Court

Two Planning Applications submitted to MVDC

The long awaited Planning Applications have now been submitted to Mole Valley District Council. General notification to Ashtead residents has been limited to neighbouring properties but we feel it necessary to ensure everyone is aware of these applications.

There are two previous principle approved applications submitted in 1983 for a total of 94 dwellings ranging from 5 bedroom to 2-bedroom units and in 1984 for 30 terraced dwellings.

Currently the site consists of Murreys Court, a 3-storey house, a self-contained Grade 11 listed Barn, several outbuildings, and a cottage fronting Agates Lane.  Also, a high brick wall runs along part of the east boundary along Agates Lane.

The present two applications are for the following: -

  • 60 care units of 1 & 2 bedrooms, a 66-bed care home with accompanying parking.

  • By virtue of planning permission 1983 the entire site is covered by Tree Preservation Orders.

  • Demolition of the existing house known as Murreys Court, the glass house and cottage with other buildings retained and reused.

  • (NB – existing unlisted buildings were given permission for demolition in 1987 to allow residential development.  Murreys Court was granted separate consent for demolition in 1983.)

  • The Grade 11 Barn possibly dating back to 15th century is to be retained, repaired, and converted for use as a lounge for residents in the assisted living scheme and a management site office.   In the circumstances the Barn will remain a focal point

  • Murreys Court was constructed in various phases between 18 – 19th century and subsequently remodeled.  It is said the internal floors on various levels deemed it unviable for conversion into accommodation to meet the needs of the prospective clientele.  Therefore, the developer it proposing to take advantage of permission previously granted for demolition, but items and aspects of historic interest will be salvaged and used elsewhere

  • The stable block is a brick structure with hipped roof on the south wing of the main house. Although not listed it will be converted into a single dwelling on two floors

  • South west of the barn is a long low unlisted garage building which attaches to a small cottage.  The cottage is unsuitable for retention but the garage building is to be retained and converted for residential use.

Residents are encouraged to review the plans on the Mole Valley Web Site. There are two linked Applications and anyone making a comment whether against or in favour must ensure their comments are DUPLICATED for each Application.

The two Applications and all paperwork and plans can be viewed via the following links:




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