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Ashtead Residents' Association


Green Lane Crossing

Official Notices now posted

At long last, Surrey County Council have posted the official notices announcing the proposed change in the status of the Green Lane Rail Crossing. There was confusion as originally the Definitive Map showed the Crossing as a Public Right of Way (PROW). However, the Definitive Statement confirmed there was no Right of Way over the Crossing. Both items must 100% agree and in September 2021 the Local Committee discussed the matter and agreed the Statement should be changed so both items would confirm the Crossing was a PROW. It has taken 10 months for the Legal Department of SCC to publish the official notices and these are now displayed on both sides of the Crossing, and interested parties have also received advices by email. Objections to this must be received by 5th September 2022. We must wait and see if anyone decides to formally object. 

If an objection is received the ultimate decision is with the Secretary of State.


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