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ULEZ - Consultation to expand to boundary of Greater London

If this goes ahead - mind you don't get caught out.

Current maps shows that A243 up to the B280 traffic lights at Malden Rushett will be outside the Ultra Low Emissions Zone, as well as the B280 Oxshott to Epsom and similar areas on the Surbiton/Elmbridge and Worcester Park/ Stoneleigh / Ewell / Cheam boundaries and around Belmont where the new acute hospital is to be built

Facebook users in Leatherhead and other areas on the Surrey / Greater London boundary may have seen the sponsored posts from the Mayor of London about the proposed expansion of the ULEZ from the south circular out to the Greater London boundary - in the interests of both cleaner air, reducing harmful emissions and revenue for TfL. The cynic in me says the real reason is reverse order - Revenue first!

You can check if your car is exempt from the current ULEZ at this site. I found the TfL checker site very confusing so went elsewhere.

Older petrol models pre 2005 are likely to incur the charge and many newer diesel models. Don't assume though. The TfL checker site indicated that my wife's little Toyota IQ 1300cc (2011) would be liable to a £15 a day charge! But hybrid EV and post 2005 petrol vehicles are likely to be compliant and not incur the charge, though again my Hybrid Toyota did seem to indicate a charge on the TfL site but not the other one above. It's all very confusing. Is it confusing as a deliberate revenue raiser - or just me being dim?.

There is a consultation that you can respond to at until 29 July 2022. 


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