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Another near miss at Green Lane Crossing

Train v. Person - no contest, so why risk it?

This is becoming a regular, unwelcome Blog feature as yet again another foolish person put himself and others at risk by failing to take even a semblance of personal care at Green Lane Crossing. According to the video, a man and his dog just ran out in front of an oncoming train when he either heard the train or suddenly spotted it and ran across. Luckily man and dog were unharmed and one can only hope that next time this person takes much more care. 2 seconds riskily saved could have resulted in death and years of sadness and regret for the loved ones left behind. And we mustn't forget the train driver in all this, as these incidents can cause immense stress.

Sadly Network Rail will not allow the video to be shown though we have pointed out that "shock and awe" tactics might have more effect than a forest of warning signs.


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