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All things Bright and Beautiful - Road Verges - the BLUE campaign. πŸ’™

Blue Heart Campaign

The BLUE campaign and placement of blue heart markers πŸ’™ How to get involved

The idea is if you would like a grass verge left to grow as a wildflower meadow to encourage more pollinating insects you can put blue heart markers on each end so the Council knows not to mow it. πŸ¦‹

The Blue campaign was conceived in 2014 in response to a report on the State of Nature published last year, which highlighted the dramatic decline in biodiversity and biomass across the uk. It promotes the rewilding of our gardens, parks and road verges. It suggests that a part of this ground is set aside and left to grow through the summer.

Within the website of

It guides you to how to go about it. How to make your blue heart markers πŸ’™and gives you a template of letters to write to your Councillors allowing for this to happen on Council owned land.  

Alternatively you can through Surrey County Council to apply to get a (cultivation licence) to maintain a grass verge. Please go to


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