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Bank Closures

Banks are becoming as rare as hen's teeth!

Both NatWest and Lloyds have announced local branch closures.

NatWest will close its Leatherhead branch on 23rd June, and Lloyds has now closed its Leatherhead branch. To make matters worse, they also closed Dorking branch on 17th March. Bizarrely the East Horsley branch is remaining open. Can someone explain the logic please?

So Ashtead as we know has the Post Office but no banks, and Leatherhead will have HSBC, Nationwide and the Post Office, the latter being concealed in the new Beluga restaurant. How long that will survive who knows?

Lloyds Epsom has survived the present cull, as has NatWest and Barclays, but who wants to fork out £3 to park in the Ashley Centre just to pay in cash or speak to a member of staff? Looks like a drive to East Horsley!


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