Tele: 0300 030 9980 (local rate call charge)

Ashtead Residents' Association


If you haven't yet paid your Annual Subscriptions please do so now,

It is now very easy to go online to https://www.ashteadresidents.o... and pay your annual subs. or even set up a Standing Order so you have no need to remember next year. Because during the pandemic the Road Stewards were not calling, quite a few members received their magazines but didn't pay their subs. We can't cover our costs without everyone paying their dues.

The subs are still an eye-wateringly expensive £2.50 for each household, so there's no excuse not to pay. Just follow the instructions on the web site. 

Not a member? Click this link to join. More members = a stronger voice in Mole Valley.

A recent email received from an Ashtead residents says "Seeing all the excellent work the Association has been doing lately, especially on protecting the Green Belt, and having visited the ARA website for the first time in a long while, I realised it was high time I signed up again! "

Thank you for continuing to be a member.


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