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Barnett Wood Lane - Sheldon Homes eyesore - MVDC Replies

The Residents’ Association has written to Mole Valley Planning Department regarding the disgraceful state of the Sheldon Homes site in Barnett Wood Lane (See letter below). MVDC have replied as follows:-

Dear Mr. Bennett,

This matter was previously reported by one of your residents and is being dealt with under ref. 2021/0256/ENF. I believe initially to Environmental Health but subsequently to planning approx. mid- October.

I have been in contact with Sheldon Homes  several times and required them to clear the site to a reasonable level as it is unacceptable for the amenity of the residential area. I am aware that as a result a couple of skips have been cleared and a third is due to be removed and replaced. They are adamant that they will keep doing this until the site is cleared. 

Where there is no evidence of cooperation the Council does have the power to issue a notice which if not complied with is triable before a Magistrates Court. This however is a lengthy process and while they are cooperating ( albeit not as quickly as you or I would like) I will keep the pressure  on and this case open, until resolved.

Please feel free to contact  me at any time – particularly if you notice any improvement or not. 

Yours sincerely

Richard Siwicki
Planning Enforcement Officer

Ashtead Residents' Association letter

Dear Sir

No doubt in anticipation of Sheldon Homes receiving approval of their planning application MO/2020/2237 for 106 Barnett Wood Lane Ashtead over time the front and rear of the site had been turned into the company rubbish dump.

Now that the application has been refused, we can expect an extended use of the site for waste from other locations from which the company operates.  Part of the front has been boarded up but access points exist giving an unsightly view into the front and rear garden vandalised for the purpose of developing the site.  Your report mentioned the loss of vegetation that had taken place which in turn was a one of two reasons for refusing the application.

The purpose of writing is to enquire if any form of action can be taken towards the current owners to tidy up the site.  It is an absolute eyesore and our concern is for the potential infestation of vermin that is likely to take place to the detriment of immediate residents.

This enquiry may not be within your remit in which case I should be grateful if it could be passed to those responsible for such matters.

Kindest regards

Planning Officer for Ashtead Residents’ Association

The ARA will be keeping the site under observation to ensure the promised improvements materialise and should they not will raise the issue again with MVDC.


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