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Barnett Wood Lane - Sheldon Homes eyesore - MVDC contacted again.

The Residents’ Association has again written to Mole Valley Planning Department regarding the disgraceful state of the Sheldon Homes site in Barnett Wood Lane (See letter below). 

"With passing of two weeks since your email, this morning I made a site visit at 106 Barnett Wood Lane.

Whilst one or two of the larger plant items have been remove building equipment still exists at the rear.

In addition the front is strewn with waste building materials and a variety of rubbish can be seen in all corners.  Today I evidence fresh dumping of old furniture as if a massive office clear out has taken place.

I do feel for local residents, especially as the site next door at No. 108 has had the ground cleared and trees felled in anticipation of a recently submitted planning application to erect 4 dwellings. (MO/2021/2030)

I appreciate what you say about the time and no doubt cost of taking this matter to a Magistrates Court which in reality would be ineffective with the accused no doubt taking step to avoid action at the last moment.

As I mentioned in our previous communications I do believe there is a real threat of vermin if the site is allowed to be maintained in its current form for any length of time.  Given the circumstances persuasion is the only answer and if you have time perhaps another suitable letter from yourself may do the trick. I hope so.

Thank you in anticipation of your kind co-operation.


The ARA will be keeping the site under observation to ensure improvements materialise and should they not will continue the pressure with MVDC. Residents who feel equally aggrieved with the mess this site has been left in are encouraged to write to Sheldon Homes to express their displeasure.


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