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Green Lane Crossing - a VERY near miss!!

A recent near miss on this Crossing has been reported when three schoolboys were attempting to cross the line. They correctly waited for one train to pass, then INCORRECTLY stepped out behind the departing train in front of an approaching train that had been hidden from view. Two boys stepped back but the third ran in front of the oncoming train which just missed him. The incident was caught on camera and the school uniform identified. It has been reported to the Headmaster of the school who will no doubt impress upon these boys and everyone else who uses this crossing to ensure they have clear visibility BOTH WAYS.

Residents will be aware this crossing has been the subject of a long running dispute over its classification as a PROW and it is incidents such as this that not only put people's lives at risk, but it causes enormous stress to the train driver and gives more ammunition to Network Rail should they consider closing the Crossing. The fact that it is now a PROW would in all probability not 'trump' a safety argument.


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