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Surrey Police Engagement Survey

Residents are invited to complete the survey below - the email from Surrey Police says:-

"At Surrey Police we have recently launched an external engagement survey where we are working to understand how to engage with our communities and we are trying to share it with as many organisations as possible. Can I ask if it would be possible for you to share the below message across your channels and in any relevant newsletters / publications? Please do let me know if you require any further information, the survey will be open for around 2 months and we will be sharing this on social media too.

Surrey Police are asking for local residents to take part in a short survey about engagement. Would you mind sparing us 10 minutes please to complete a short survey? We want to make sure that you can get the right information from us when you want and need it, and that this information is put where you are most likely to see it. The survey is quick and easy to complete, taking no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Any information you provide is anonymous. Click here to take part:"


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