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Hedge encroachments to footways

Please cut back your hedges outside your property

I know it's ironic to publish this article below the one saying garden bins collection suspended but hedge and tree growth is annoying for people trying to walk on the pavement. A great many people take pride in their gardens and manicure their lawns and hedges to look neat and tidy. Many though forget the outside of the hedge where it meets the pavement. The hedge can grow quickly and this year the rain and the sun have caused huge growth spurts.

When the hedge grows outwards it can partially block the footway causing pedestrians to walk into the road or onto the verge. Those unsteady on their feet, or with children's buggies, or even in mobility scooters have to dodge the branches or move onto the uneven verge which often has long grass.

Please ensure your hedge is not blocking the pavement.


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