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Problems collecting garden waste

Lack of HGV Drivers means garden waste collections are reduced (SEE BELOW).

The HGV driver and staff shortage continues across all 4x JWS districts, but it is currently worst in Surrey Heath and Mole Valley.

Bulky Waste currently continues to effectively be suspended 

However, JWS are considering hiring vans with a drop tailgate that can be driven by anyone holding a full drivers licence with a mate,  who could be temp staff.

 - then they could continue collecting bulky but clean product - like settees, with any DIY or dirty waste would still having to go to Leatherhead.

JWS are now looking into if this is practical thing to do - or not! If not, that services will remain suspended.

Garden Waste collections

Woking and Mole Valley teams are really short of staff, but JWS have agreed that they will pool all resources from the 4 districts in respect of garden waste, to enable all homes with a Garden Waste contract to get at least one collection a month. It’s a shame its July /August as that is when nearly all hedges get their annual cut - but we have no option.

The note on the Mole Valley website and twitter across Mole Valley advising NOT put our Garden Waste bins out until 2 August is accurate. Surrey Heath and Working Garden Waste Bins are being collected this week, ours will start to be collected from next week.

A letter is going to all Mole Valley households this week to explain about changes in Garden Waste Collection and about credits for missed bins.

Basically Mole Valley Garden Waste collection will now be once a month with a credit against the next year bill. If this staff shortage continues to be a problem , then the Garden Waste will stay monthly with every ‘missed” collection credited - and removed from the £58 a bin at next years renewal.

All rubbish, food waste and recycle remains on the same days and frequency as normal.


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