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Garden Waste Collections - Rumours and Misinformation

Letters sent for renewal payments

Some residents have received demands from MVDC for renewal of their garden waste collection contracts, despite the Council being unable to offer this service at the moment. In addition one resident reported on "Ashtead Unhinged" that if he didn't renew and pay he wouldn't be able to reapply when the service recommenced. This caused understandable outrage. The ARA wrote to Paul Anderson at MVDC and this is his reply:-

"On the issue of billing, we have decided that we will not be taking the DD payments due in October.  We will continue to review this on a monthly basis, and won’t start taking payments again until we are confident about the reinstatement of the service.  All customers have had credits applied to their accounts for the missed, so if we end up in a position where we can reinstate services sooner – people have essentially paid already for the collections.  Going forward we will include a note in the letter to this effect.

No-one will be told they can’t rejoin the scheme if they cancel their subscription.  We want to encourage people to join the scheme so we would never tell people that.  I think it may be that messages have either not been given clearly enough, or misinterpreted.  What we have said, is that if you cancel your subscription, we can’t guarantee that if you call up to rejoin when the service is reinstated that you will be able to re-join immediately.  This will be a decision we will make at the time, and will take into account that there will be new drivers delivering the service and it will take a few weeks to get it working as efficiently as it normally does and that we can expect bins to be heavier than usual, which will mean collections take longer and more trips to the tip.  So the issue is really about what service can be delivered and trying to ensure a return to service delivery that works – so it might be that new subscribers have to wait a cycle or two before coming back into the service.

I know that there are people offering to empty bins at charges around £10 in the District.  That’s not a cost that MVDC would meet.  However, we are working to try and secure an arrangement for a collection to deal with all of the full bins.  I am hopeful that we will be able to make an announcement soon."


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