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Local Plan Update

Welcome to the June 2021 Future Mole Valley update.

There is little to update you on at present as Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is in the final stages of preparing the draft Local Plan that it intends to submit for examination.

MVDC first has to agree that it will publish the draft Local Plan for a period to gather comments on whether the Plan meets the legal requirements and then whether it has been positively prepared, is justified, is effective, and consistent with national policy. The draft Plan will be published for a minimum of six weeks and MVDC currently intends to make the decision to publish on the 15 September. This is to avoid the August summer period.

When the publication period is over MVDC will send all of the comments made to the Planning Inspectorate along with the Plan. MVDC will make the final decision to submit the Plan to the Inspectorate for examination on the 3 February 2022.

Once submitted the Plan is in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate and they will set the examination timetable, the topics the examination will cover and who will be invited to speak. 


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