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Help Support the Leatherhead Theatre

The Leatherhead Theatre offers a year-round programme of drama, films, live screenings and more.

Visit the web site for full details of What's On, Ticket Prices and Box Office.
It is not widely known that the Leatherhead Theatre is managed on behalf of a charitable trust established by local people passionate about enabling and encouraging personal and community transformation through the arts.

Every penny audiences spend at the Leatherhead Theatre; tickets to see a show or simply sharing a coffee with friends in the cafe, goes back into maintaining this unique space. 

The Leatherhead Theatre has been a pillar of the local community for many years. Sadly, the impact of COVID-19 has been absolutely devastating. The theatre is an independent venue managed on behalf of a local charitable trust that receives no regular funding from local councils or government organisations (such as Arts Council England), and as a result we are reaching out to request your help with fundraising money to ensure the future of the theatre.

As we have no other means of funding The Leatherhead Theatre, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of an organisation like the theatre within the community; although (then named The Thorndike Theatre), we opened in 1969 to a wide range of arts/audiences, the theatre in recent years has nurtured a community focus, and many of your members may have fond memories of performing, to experiencing, what this theatre has to offer. To lose such an organisation, who cherish personal and community transformation through the arts, would have a profound impact on this transformation.

Below is a link to our crowdfunder, this crowd fund is made up of pledges and therefore any money donated will be returned if the target isn’t met. More information regarding the fundraising efforts can be found on this link. We would appreciate any help you are able to offer, be this financially, or joining the efforts to raise awareness for our efforts. You are more than welcome to share this link around.

We hope that The Leatherhead Theatre and the community it represents are able to combat the financial struggles caused by COVID-19, and keep offering performance opportunities to our local organisations as we have done for many years.

Leatherhead Theatre - Crowdfunder


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