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Green Lane Crossing - Update October 2021

Right of Way or Not?

At the Local Committee held on 29th September the Committee voted down the proposal for a Map Modification Order and voted for a different order to be made, perhaps on grounds of usage. Further

work is being done on that and we will report more detail when we have the information.

Residents who have been following this drawn out saga will recall the Map showed a Right of Way but the Statement showed the opposite. Both Definitive documents must agree and SCC's Rights of Way produced a report for the Committee recommending the Map be amended to reflect the details in the Statement i.e. no Right of Way.

After submission of the Report to Councillors and a presentation by Network Rail, two residents spoke in favour of the Right of way, followed by Glynis Peterkin from the Residents' Association. Peter Williams spoke on his own behalf and for local historian, Brian Bouchard, and their statements carried great weight with Councillors.

To sound a note of caution though there is precedent for Network Rail closing a crossing , even if it is a Right of Way, on the grounds of safety and we are well aware, on their statistics the Green Lane Crossing is a High Risk one. That said there is also a strong argument that removing the Crossing presents a greater potential risk for those people who previously used the crossing, not to mention the probability of more car journeys, congestion and pollution.

We must wait to see what action Network Rail take - if any, plus await the formal papers from the Local Committee..


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