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Frauds Aimed at Seniors

This is an American web site but a fraud is a fraud no matter where it takes place and what happens in the US also happens in the UK. Either we import it from there, or they from us. It doesn't matter which it is but for the crooks and scammers this is big business. It is important to be aware of the many scams and frauds happening. We have been told "Don't keeping telling us this, we all know!" - but the problem is people are still getting caught and losing their savings. Only a couple of months ago an older neighbour, stressed because he husband had just gone into a dementia home, fell foul of a fraudster who came to "collect her bank card and PIN" on behalf of her bank and lost a large sum of money.

Read through the scams and frauds and don't get caught. Remember if it looks too good to be true - IT IS!!


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