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Bank Card Fraud

Unfortunately, this fraud is still prevalent in the area and the Police have asked us to publicise this warning.

The fraudsters are targeting the elderly, so if you know of neighbours who may not be online, please warn them not to be taken in by these crooks.

Banks will NEVER telephone you to ask for your cards to be collected by couriers.

Banks will NEVER ask you to divulge your security details or PINS.

If someone purporting to be from your Bank telephones you to advise that your cards have been compromised and tell that you a courier will call to collect them, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CARDS TO ANYONE.

The fraudsters are also advising people to call their bank to verify the authenticity of the call. They do not hang up, and when you telephone your bank - you are talking still to the fraudster.

Always use another telephone, and never call the number they supply. Call the telephone number on the reverse of the card and then telephone the Police on 101 or report the scam to Action Fraud.


Action Fraud
National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre
Tel: 0300 123 2040


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