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Ashtead Pond

Ashtead Pond Maintenance Agreed - Work to start in July

Councillor Pat Wiltshire (Common Ward) has had a very productive meeting with Alex Bagnell (Head of Parks MVDC) today and he agrees with her that the pond is now a terrible mess.

Pat has asked for the bank by Barnett Wood Lane to be dug out and all the rampant sedges, willow, and reed-mace to be removed (along with the bindweed and brambles etc). Then she has asked for a suitable base material and to re-seed the bank with a robust grass mix. Then it can be cut regularly and we should have a nice, green, grassy bank leading down to the pond.

They are going to bring in a digger and then make sure that the bank has regular maintenance. Pat says of course, what is suggested is not the truly natural pond-side vegetation but she thinks it would be far better for everyone. At least we will be able to appreciate the pond and the ducks. She has also asked him to remove the netting from the end of the pond where people like to feed the ducks, and to make it more people/duck friendly. She also hopes to improve the vista for people sitting on the benches.

Well done Pat for stepping up to get something done!


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