Green Lane and Lady Howard Rail Crossings

Network Rail have added new signs to both these unmanned pedestrian crossings to try to bring to people's attention the dangers of being distracted by phones and music and the wearing of headphones or ear buds whilst using the crossings. It takes seconds to remove the phones or headphones from yourselves and concentrate for those seconds on crossing the rails safely. Don't be another statistic!

Whilst writing about the crossings, a resident has alerted us to the practice being adopted by some redestrians and joggers for allowing the gates to close behind them without throwing the bolt across. It takes seconds to stop and rebolt the gate and those seconds might prevent a child from pushing open an unsecured gate and wandering onto the rails. Also closing the gate and not allowing it to bang shut means neighbours are not subjected to regular loud clangs as inconsiderate people allow the gate to swing shut behind them.

Reducing, or hopefully stopping, near miss incidents will reduce the likelihood of Network Rail closing these crossings in the future. Let's not give them any excuses.

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