Pedestrian Rail Crossings - Another Near-MIss

Incredibly, so soon after the fatality at Lady Howard Rail Crossing the Residents Association has been told of another near-miss at the same crossing. This occurred when a pedestrian wearing headphones crossed without checking, focusing on the music or the phone not personal safety. PLEASE PLEASE remove your headphones and check the track is clear both ways before crossing. If you have children using this, Craddocks or Green Lane Crossings instill on them that their safety comes before listening to music or their phone! It is astounding that people have such a low regard for their own safety!

The Residents' Association met with the Wessex Crossings Manager today (28th August) to discuss safety on the three unmanned pedestrian crossings. We have been advised that MTLs (Minature Traffic Lights) are on the list of improvements to be added to the Lady Howard Crossing together with enlarged ramps either side and changed gates. When this will happen is unclear but the MSLs are certainly high up on the list of rail improvements. It remains to be seen whether people will ignore a red warning light of an approaching train.

At Green Lane the crossing bed is to be improved with new STRAIL pads installed all the way across, and we have also asked for sound deadening pads to be attached to the metal gates to help reduce the clanging noise to neighbouring properties.

The springs on both gates were tested and both worked efficiently. Network Rail are looking at improved signage to highlight the fact that fast trains cross at all three crossings and emphasising the need for care and to remove headphones. Sadly signage for this and to ensure the bolts to the gates are kept closed will still not ensure careless people with little regard for their own safety will actually read them!