Northcott Way opens

John NorthcottOn Saturday 24th August 2019 the diagonal path crossing the Woodfield from Barnett Wood Lane to the Railway Station was officially named "Northcott Way" in memory of the much loved and much missed John Northcott. For many years John was a diligent hard working Local Councillor for Mole Valley District Council representing Common Ward. John was often to be seen striding down this path to the station, either for work before he retired, or when a Councillor, checking on the railway, flooding or many other aspects his constituents had raised. John never ambled anywhere!

John was a very hard working Councillor, avidly reading all the official papers that crossed his desk, and woe betide anyone who tried to argue with him who wasn't in full possession of the facts. His knowledge of planning matters was second to none, and his experience in this area was highlighted by Jack Straw of Mole Valley Council when speaking at this commemoration.

Gill Northcott said "My dear late husband John would have been amazed, embarrassed but very flattered that the Residents of Ashtead shouldIMG 1668 wish to remember him with such a remarkable and appropriate gesture. He had walked this path frequently from the day in 1973 that we moved into our first house in Barnett Wood Lane, from which we both commuted to London. At this time the surface was rough and at night it could be dark and spooky with overhanging branches.

More recently in his so called “retirement” John was still walking the same route briskly (he never walked slowly); occasionally he went to catch a train, but usually he was on his way to try to sort out a problem with the railway, or to visit his constituents, often wearing his wellingtons as he tried to resolve problems with floods or drains. Over the years John managed to persuade Mole Valley to improve the path considerably to the benefit of very many residents not just those from Common Ward!

The Northcott family are delighted and very grateful to those who have masterminded this extremely kind gesture."