Postal Collections - reduction in service

The Residents' Association has been advised that postal collections from Post Boxes will be reduced to one collection a day for all the boxes North of the Level Crossing. From now on these 5 boxes will only be emptied at 9am each day, instead of twice a day at present. Post boxes elsewhere in Ashtead remain at twice a day.

When a resident complained he was advised to ensure a later collection he should take his letters to the post box situated by the Level Crossing on the South side! This tiny box will be unable to cope with the extra postage and what will happen at Christmas time?

The Residents' Association finds this totally unacceptable and discriminatory against the 600+ households who live north of the Railway. We have advised local Councillors and intend writing in the strongest terms to the Post Office and have advised our MP Chris Grayling. Residents who wish to take their own action should email Paula Vennells and her email address is

What's next for the 600 households north of the Crossing? Post deliveries only when there is an "R" in the month? Emergency Services cover only on alternate days?