Future Mole Valley - Your views needed

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is about to start work on its next Local Plan, “Future Mole Valley”. The project will set out plans for land use in the District for the next 15 years; it will include targets for delivering new development as well as setting out those areas which will continue to be protected.

This is about the future of the District for everybody who lives here, so it is vital that we understand what you think. We need to help households who are struggling to find suitable, affordable accommodation, create better conditions for local businesses and adapt to the changing demands on - amongst other things - retail and leisure services. Doing nothing is not an option. It is clear that development will have to take place to meet these needs, and we want to positively shape how and where that development goes for the benefit of all.

We are launching a consultation on two main themes: making the best use of brownfield land, and the potential release of greenfield land. At this stage, the consultation is not about specific sites for development but is seeking your views on the options we have for general approaches to accommodating new development.

The consultation runs from 1 July – 12 August 2017. See the video on our website at www.futuremolevalley.org which explains more. There is a questionnaire covering the options, as well as space for you to give us any other ideas you may have. During the consultation we will be hosting a series of events throughout the District so that we can meet people face-to-face, answer questions and receive views direct. We plan to be at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall in Woodfield Lane from 4-8pm on 3rd July and look forward to seeing you then.

This is an opportunity for everyone in our District to help shape the direction of development to meet the housing and economic needs of Mole Valley, whilst protecting the countryside that we all love so much. We need your views because we need to get this right, so please do take part.

Yours sincerely, Duncan Irvine, Executive Member for Planning, MVDC

The ARA would also like to hear your views so please write with your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We too are being consulted and it would be very useful to hear residents' comments before we draft our own response.

What are our initial thoughts?

Mole Valley District Council has a housing target of 5,900 homes to be built over the 15 year period of the Plan and the Council has identified land for building just under 3,000 of them. The main question being asked in the current consultation is, given that land has to be found for the remaining 3,000 homes, where do residents think development should take place?

The consultation sets out the options, one of which is to continue focusing all development in the north of Mole Valley (Ashtead, Leatherhead, Bookham and Fetcham) - (putting more and more pressure on our infrastructure and potentially building in the Green Belt) while other options are that development should shift to the more rural areas in the south of Mole Valley along with the building of commensurate infrastructure.

The rural development option must surely be the most sensible route to take given that housing needs are likely to increase and Mole Valley will have to find more land for building after 2033 and, if development continues to be centred in the north of Mole Valley, at some point there will be no further option but to build in the south.The south of Mole Valley already has good road and rail links. Why should north Mole Valley continue to absorb housing needs until saturation point is reached and our quality of life deteriorates?

The website address www.futuremolevalley.org takes you takes you straight to the page where people can respond to the consultation..