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Epsom & St. Helier Trust Update - 24th July 2017

The following has been received by Ashtead's PPGs and relates to Epsom & St Helier Hospitals. It gives Ashtead residents the opportunity to comment directly to the Trust and residents are encouraged to read the text below, look at the web site, video and booklet and respond to the questions asked.

Dear Patient First member

Our passion and aim is to provide the very best of health and care to our patients and communities. It's our mission to provide great care to every patient, every day.

We want to provide high quality healthcare services for the future – well beyond 2020.

We have very committed staff and are achieving some great things, but we face some major challenges – our hospital buildings are old (some predate antibiotics), and 43% of our buildings are functionally unsuitable to deliver healthcare.

We want to ensure we have the best services locally and to do this we need to make the case for an investment of £300 to £400 million. This will ensure we have local hospitals into the future and will enable our dedicated clinical teams to meet more care standards, providing care in buildings which we believe local people deserve.

We have discussed what changes need to be made in the future with clinicians. We want to keep services local and 85% of patients will see no change to where they receive their care, although they will be seen in improved facilities.

We want to build a specialist facility for acutely sick patients, where majors A&E, inpatient beds for children, births, and complex emergency surgery is delivered on one site. This would ensure we meet and exceed the new quality standards.

We have a number of materials available on our website (https://www.epsom-sthelier.nhs.uk/epsom-and-st-helier-2020-2030) including a short 10 minute video with our current thinking to secure hospital services at Epsom and St Helier for 2020 to 2030.

We have also produced a detailed booklet and are asking as many people as possible to get involved. We would like to know what you think in response to the following questions (which are also contained in the booklet):

1) Do you agree with our aim to provide as much care as possible from our existing hospital sites at St Helier and Epsom and do this by working more closely with the other local health and care providers?

2) Do you think we have made the case that we will improve patient care by bringing together our services for our sickest or most at-risk patients on a new specialist acute facility on one site?

3) We have set out several scenarios on how we can do this. Do you think we should consider any other scenarios?

4) How would you like to be involved in these discussions in the future?

5) Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Many thanks in advance for getting involved. You can either reply to this email or have your say online (where you can also pledge your support, read our booklet and watch the video we have produced).

Many thanks,


Lisa Thomson, Director of Communications and Patient Experience

Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust


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