When we're back to normal again

AlleywayMy name is Alan Reilly and I am one of the seven councillors that represent Ashtead at MVDC I live in and represent Village Ward.

As an Ashtead Independent Councillor I lead a group of volunteers in what we call Ashtead Independent Alley Action. This group meets for two hours normally on the first Saturday of each month at a pre-arranged point and gather mainly vegetation debris into plastic bags. These we deposit at a pre-arranged point and MVDC send folk to collect them. These are also provided early on the next Monday morning.

We are currently some 20 volunteers and many more are welcome. Please call Councillor Alan Reilly on 01372 802489, if you wish to volunteer. or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are not insured people take part at their own risk. We invite people to bring appropriate non-powered appropriate tools.

We are currently on pause for the Corona Virus Epidemic but if interested for the future when we're back to normal please get in touch and Alan will contact you to let you know they are back working again.