Recycling - items not for the green bin

Recycling other itemsHave you ever wished you could recycle items that you can't put into the green bin like those Pringle packs with plastic, cardboard and metal all combined, or those coffee pods made of plastic and foil? Well now you can. An enterprising group called Terracyle will take these and other items that cannot go into the usual green recycling bin. The recycled goods are sold back and funds raised go to charity.

See their Facebbok page for more information -

There are collection points at Headley, Tadworth and now a more local one in Leatherhead at

15 Oaks Close
KT22 7SH

Please ensure items are sorted into different schemes. So crisps not mixed with sweets and biscuits etc. Resorting takes too much time. Use bags or boxes that you would be throwing away so no new plastic bags. Just reuse what you have.