Membership and Subscriptions - New Arrangements

Why should I join the Residents' Association? Some resident baulk at the cost which is a paltry £2.50 per annum. Less than a cup of coffee from Costa, and it covers the whole household. Some have queried what the Residents' Association does, or has done for residents of the Village. This prompted an article in the Ashtead & Leatherhead Local Magazine which gives a good flavour for the achievements. Remember a strong membership gives us a strong voice when speaking to Local Government.

Are you someone who is always out when your Road Steward calls? Is when s/he calls never a good time? Do you have hardly any cash in the house? Perhaps you wish to be a member of the Residents' Association but have recently lost your Road Steward, or there hasn’t been one in your road for some time?

The Residents' Association wants to make it easier for you to subscribe by providing an ‘ARA Members’ Bank account. You can pay your subscription direct into it, either online or by setting up a Standing Order to annually pay the subscription. It will be necessary to pay this in advance, so that arrangements can be made to get your Ashtead Village News delivered on time.

The Lloyds Bank details are:

Account Name - A.R.A.

Sort Code - 30-80-33

Account No. - 19412868.

The payment reference is important - your name won’t suffice- and will allow ARA to correctly identify the payee, so please use your House No/Name and the second part of your Postcode, for example ‘Thistledome 2ES.’

Standing Orders should ideally be dated 1st February, so please request an immediate payment and then annually w.e.f. 1/2/2020.

We hope you will find this an easier method but please continue to contact your Road Steward for that personal touch.

Of course, if you think you might enjoy being a Road Steward, do get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We need Road Stewards for several roads or part-roads and your help would be much appreciated.